Show bosses also want Justin Timberlake

Julia Roberts is being lined-up to star in the hit US series Glee.

The actress, 42, was approached by creator Ryan Murphy, who directed her in the film Eat, Pray, Love.

She saw the rough cuts and fell in love with the show,’ he says.

I don’t know if Julia‘s going to do it – maybe. But she loves the show.’

Jennifer Lopez and Olivia Newton-John have already been confirmed for guest roles.

Neil Patrick Harris is also being brought in as a love interest for cheerleading coach Sue Sylvester (Jane Lynch). 

‘He gets to tussle with Jane,’ Ryan tells E! Online. ‘And they might sleep together but that’s all I’m gonna say!’

Ryan admits he’s thinking about asking Justin Timberlake, Hugh Jackman and Queen Latifah to make cameos in the second season. 

‘[Justin] is the one the kids jump up and down about every day and beg me to meet with him,’ he says.

‘I’m a huge fan of his music. I think he’s so talented. And he’s a true triple threat, he can sing, dance, and act. So, yeah, we’d love to have him on.

‘We start shooting the second season in July and I think I will work some magic around that time for him if I can.’

Glee airs on E4 in the UK on Monday nights at 9pm. 

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