Apprentice contestant says most people are snobs

Apprentice star Katie Hopkins is not one to back down after a fight – and after clashing with Holly Willoughby on This Morning when she branded some children’s names ‘lower class’, Katie says she thinks Holly secretly agreed with her!

‘I’m sure there’s a bit of Holly that prefers that her children play with play with certain types of children. As mums we make judgements and want the best for our kids.’

Katie, 38, caused a storm of controversy when she said on the show last week she wouldn’t want her three children to play with anyone called Tyler, Charmaine, Chantelle or Chardonnay.

And she is unrepentant about her controversial views. ‘Yes, I am definitely a snob, and I am happy to say that,’ she says. ‘I think a lot of people are snobs – we like our children to play with certain children and not others, and we like to find out where someone lives so we know whether they live in a nice neighbourhood or not.

‘Behind every Tyler and Charmaine is a typically large mother who’s always got a fag on the go and tuns up late for school without the kit their child needs.’

OK, then, Katie

Watch the YouTube video again to see how the row develops…

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