The Got To Dance judge had a tough time as a kid

There’s more to Kimberly Wyatt than meets the eye.

Best known for her time in the Pussycat Dolls and now as the straight-talking judge on Got To Dance, she’s actually had a tough life – she was molested as a child, survived a rape attempt and fought an eating disorder.

But Kimberly, 28 – who is dating Kevin Schmidt – is no victim.

gave me a lot of drive to change my life – to get out and explore the
world and work hard so I could use my talent to see where it would take
me,’ Kimberly tells Now.

‘I’m very thankful for everything I’ve experienced because
it’s got me to where I am and it’s created the driven personality I

‘You make the choice to either let the cycle repeat itself
and beat you down for the rest of your life or to effect change and make
things happen for yourself.’

Kimberly still has therapy to help her cope with her past.

‘I might not go every week but yes, I think it’s so important.

‘Writing things down helps me a lot and I always try to stay optimistic.

‘I see the positive in what happened – it’s made me a strong, independent woman.

‘That’s why I’m so grateful to dance. It let me express myself as a kid and was a release from all the bad things!’

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