Someone bring this Lady her cling film STAT

From her unforgettable stint in I’m A Celebrity back in 2015, Lady Colin Campbell has fully secured herself in the nation’s consciousness as an eccentric, but entertaining soul.

And after having most of 2016 away from the spotlight, the Lady’s back – and judging by an early clip from her new TV show, Lady C and the Castle, she’s just as unpredictable as ever…YAY!

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Lady C’s new project is based around the renovation of a dilapidated castle that she bought in 2013. Though a ‘bargain’, she bought it in a state of near ruin – and now, she has 10 weeks to get the place ready for the launch party of her new business.

However, when she discovers one of her members of staff taking a moment to speak to the cameramen, she is horrified – because it means that NO-ONE has brought over the cling film she asked for. Perhaps not a massive problem to most people…but Lady C is NOT ‘most people’.

‘I asked for cling film, the cling film is left, I’m left!’ she rages, strutting over to the camera. ‘This is at an end RIGHT NOW.’

Lady C clingfilm main


She continues: I asked for the cling film, but you’re standing there interviewing him while I’m standing there like a god damn fool waiting? I WANT MY CLING FILM!’

Yikes. And this seems to be just a taster of what’s in store for the rest of the series. Elsewhere, the socialite and historian revealed: ‘Believe me – when I’m very surprised, I bawl and squawk. I don’t believe in suffering silently. Everyone will be suffering along with me.’

Oh, we believe you completely…

Lady C and the Castle, tonight, 9pm, ITV

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