Lisa Riley speaks up for fuller-figured women

She’s waltzed her way into the nation’s heart with her big personality – and proved that plus-size girls can dance.

But Now’s thrilled to reveal that Strictly Come Dancing star Lisa Riley won’t be jumping on the usual weight-loss bandwagon.

Lisa’s joined the likes of Christina Aguilera and Lady Gaga to say what no woman normally dare admit: she’s happy with her body.

However, size 20 Lisa, 36, has lost over a stone and dropped four dress sizes on the show.

Lisa tells Now: ‘I’ve lost weight because my dance partner Robin [Windsor] has been working me hard, seven hours a day.

‘But I’m not on a diet and I’m happy with my body. It’s the person I am.

‘Would I ever want to be a size 10? No. I’m never going to be a size 10.’

Lisa, who started Strictly as a size 28, has been bombarded with cruel Tweets about her size but insists: I won’t feel pressure to lose weight just because of the show.

‘If people don’t like me this way, that’s their choice.’

Read more about Strictly Come Dancing in Now magazine dated 12 November 2012 – out now! 


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