TV presenter's fiance is 22 years her junior

Loose Women star Carol McGiffin has revealed that she enjoys her booze and isn’t planning on living a long life.

The TV presenter’s not concerned about the effect wild nights out could have on her lifespan and doesn’t forsee herself as a sprightly 90-year-old.

I just don’t want to live that long,’ says Carol, 53.

I’m working on going before then. That’s why I drink so much. What’s the point of living forever? I can see myself getting bored.’

Carol is engaged to Mark Cassidy, who is 22 years her junior, and she admits the age difference makes things tough for her.

I am with a younger man and it is quite difficult when you see yourself ageing so much quicker than he is,’ the former journalist tells Bella.

‘I’m already teaching Mark how to push a wheelchair around – I probably won’t be healthy.’

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Anna Francis