The presenter says Robert was adorable

Lorraine Kelly admits she was quite taken with Robert Pattinson when she interviewed him.

The bubbly TV presenter thought Twilight star Rob, 28, was easy-going and lovely to chat to but felt he was uncomfortable with his new-found fame.

‘He was adorable, but far too young for me to flirt with!’ says Lorraine, 55.

‘I interviewed him during the whole Twilight madness and he seemed very overwhelmed by it all.

‘I think he’s far happier now that’s over and he can concentrate on quirkier roles. I don’t think he seemed comfortable with the whole sex symbol status.’

Lorraine Kelly has met countless celebrities over the years and still loves chatting with them on her show.

‘This is one of the few jobs where you can be yourself,’ she explains.

‘It’s as if I’m sitting on my sofa with a cup of tea and I’m inviting them to my house for a chat and a biscuit.

‘I am also evangelical about doing my homework and you do learn by experience – it’s important to listen and I am very diligent about everything.’

It’s this friendly approach that leads many of Lorraine Kelly‘s famous interviewees to become great fans of hers.

Last year Glee actor Matthew Morrison confessed to a love of UK women and cited Lorraine as one of his favourites.

‘I absolutely love British women, particularly the accent,’ Matthew, 36, told The Sun.

‘You always sound smarter than we are – and older British women are great. [Helen Mirren] is a beautiful woman and when you meet someone like that, especially a Dame, I can’t help but be in awe of her.

‘She is very comedic and so sweet. She is a real woman and represents your country well, too.

‘[And Lorraine is] wonderful and so smart. I have to say that I love that woman.’

Anna Francis