X Factor judge Louis likes to speak his mind

Louis Walsh reckons that the biggest diva on The X Factor is Cheryl Cole

‘I used to think it was Dannii but now it may be Cheryl,’ he says.

‘We had a disagreement a couple of weeks ago because I felt she was only interested in her own opinion on the show. I’m there to say what I think, so I wasn’t going to just roll over because it was Cheryl Cole.

‘She didn’t like it when I said the show wasn’t all about her.’

Louis, 58, doesn’t dislike the Girls Aloud star, though.

The X Factor needs her,’ he admits. ‘When the cameras are turned off, she’s a real sweetie. it’s not all an act with her.

‘We get on well off camera but when the show’s on, all bets are off.’ 

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