Made in Chelsea's Louise Thompson opens up about her flirty co-stars!

The new series of Made in Chelsea has only just started and Louise Thompson is already sharpening her claws!

The pint-sized party girl is currently loved up with boyfriend Alik Alfus (although in Chelsea-world who knows how long that will last?), though she admitted to Now that she wouldn’t trust any of the new female cast members around him.

Emily Weller, Jess Woodley, Millie Wilkinson, Fleur Irving and Nicola Hughes have all joined the new series, which started last night on E4, but as Emily and Nicola are both in relationships (Nicola with Alex Mytton) we assume Louise is referring to Jess, Millie and Fleur, who have all admitted to being feisty, flirty and fancying the boys!

‘I wouldn’t let any of them near my boyfriend,’ Louise told Now. ‘But if they were to try it on with someone’s boyfriend, I don’t think Alik would be susceptible to that behaviour anyway.’

She’s not the only one keeping an eye on the new blood. Co-star Stephanie Pratt, whose live-in boyfriend Josh Shepherd is also on the show, told us; ‘When we were told about who was joining the show, we were told by everyone that they’d slept with. They’ve gotten around so many people, I don’t think our boyfriends would go there anyway.’ Ouch!

Louise also opened up about the difficulties of trying to maintain a steady relationship on reality TV. She famously cheated on Alik last series. ‘I’ve definitely learnt from that mistake and Alik and I are stronger than ever,’ she said, adding: ‘It’s so much harder to have a relationship on the show because you’ve got so many people’s opinions to contend with or argue against.’

New York-born Alik, who joined the show last year said: ‘We’re passed the honeymoon stage of our relationship and there are always ups and downs but you’ll see how we grow stronger as a result of that.’

We then cheekily asked him whether he and Louise might have the first MIC marriage. Disappointingly, he said: ‘Let’s not talk weddings just yet!’

With all this temptation around SW3, we can’t WAIT to see how the rest of the series pans out!

Made in Chelsea is on Mondays, 9pm on E4 

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