Jessica and Dom don't quite look build to last in Kady's eyes

It feels like just the other day when we the public were spending plenty of hours, week on week, watching Kady McDermott and Scott Thomas fall for each other – albeit with the odd scrap along the way.

And now, it’s a whole year later, and Kady is on her own couch, enjoying Love Island along with the rest of us! True to form, the self-declared pocket rocket has given her unedited opinion on this year’s contestants – and it’s clear that she’s not QUITE convinced on how genuine some of the early love connections are…

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Taking to Twitter on Monday afternoon (12th June), make-up pro Kady kicked off her stream of thoughts by claiming that Jessica Shears and Dom Lever aren’t quite as they seem. She wrote:

‘Catching up on love island and I’m sorry Jess and Dom and fake as f*ck and just in it to win it… I can’t watch them they’re so fake it hurts’

Eek! There are some who do pass Kady’s test however, as she then went on to praise Camilla Thurlow, Olivia Attwood and Montana Brown:

‘Camilla is so cute and classy, I like Olivia and Montana too’.

Someone who hasn’t received the same kind of response, however, is Welsh dancer Amber Davies. Kady’s not impressed with the comparisons made between Amber and Kem, and herself and Scott – as in her view, ‘they won’t last five minutes’.

Eek. Already proving quite a controversial character, Amber’s most recent brush with naughtiness was causing a rift between Kem and newcomer Chris Hughes.

And it seems as if Kady can see why she’s acting like ‘an absolute doughnut’ – and it’s due to her age:

‘Amber is an absolute doughnut but to be fair to her she’s only 20 as was I when I was in it, she has so much to learn and she will in time!’

We are LOVING Kady’s take on the villa – if there’s anyone who should know about the way things work in there it’s her! Here’s to the next rant…