Binky has battled with her weight

Not many girls would want their boyfriends to tell them they’d put on a few pounds but Alexandra ‘Binky’ Felstead is different.

The Made In Chelsea star filled out a little during a previous relationship but was annoyed that her boyfriend hadn’t told her she’d got bigger.

With my ex, I put on a lot of weight because we were going out too much and eating too many takeaways,’ says Binky, 23.

I actually saw him recently and he was like: “You look amazing, you’ve lost loads of weight!” I said: “You should’ve told me how fat I was!”‘

It turned out that Binky’s ex had tried to break the news to her in a rather unflattering way.

He was like: “I did, by calling you the Big Whale!”‘ the reality star says.

I always thought he was joking! Whenever I break up with someone I lose weight because I want them to think, damn she looks good – I miss her!’

The sixth series of Made In Chelsea continues on e4, Monday nights at 10pm.

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