Oh no, it's ALREADY kicking off on the CBB house...

Fans seem to have turned against Marnie Simpson on Celebrity Big Brother after she FLASHED Saira Khan.

The pair already faced-off in a heated confrontation earlier in the day, but during a game of Truth or Dare with Stephen Bear, Lewis Bloor, Heavy D and the younger housemates, Marnie pushed things even further by baring her boobs at the Loose Women panellist.

She began by getting on her knees and begging for forgiveness, but Saira reassured her that she didn’t have to apologise.

Though the Geordie Shore star ended up taking it a step further by standing up and flashing her boobs, and explaining the cause of their argument with: ‘I just feel that it’s because I have better t**s than you.’

Marnie Simpson and Saira Khan

Not the first time Marnie has flashed, not the first time people have got angry about it… [REX/Shutterstock]


After giving them a jig, she repeated: ‘It’s because I’ve got better t**s than you isn’t it?’

While Saira took the prank well, by responding: ‘Yes that’s exactly it, you do.’

But it was James Whale who ended up outraged, by telling Marnie to stop what she was doing: ‘That’s completely unnecessary, she does not deserve that – stop it!’

And after she left, he told Saira: ‘That could make me really angry but I won’t let it. However I will tell you Saira, you won’t have o deal with that again I can assure you.’

Okay. Not sure what that ominous statement could mean.

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Fans on Twitter ended up turning on Marnie Simpson, however, with even labelling her a ‘bully’.



Former co-star and best friend Charlotte Crosby jumped to her defence on Twitter. ‘Aw Marns. Wish you hadn’t done that.

‘I honestly think that @MarnieGShore was just caught up in the game and a little bit drunk. She’s defo not a bully.

‘Tomorrows ep I’m more than certain we will see her apologise when she realises.’

Oh no. Fingers close everyone kisses and makes up.