Great British Bake Off judge Mary Berry is always prepared in case she puts on a few pounds...


She bakes and eats cakes for a living so it’s no surprise The Great British Bake Off judge Mary Berry is ready in case she puts on an inch or two!

Mary admits that she has a pair of Spanx at the ready if she needs them – and at this time of year we know how she feels!

The TV cook has a slender figure but is willing to don the shapewear should she ever gain too much weight, even though she finds them rather uncomfortable.

‘I have a pair of Spanx rolled up in a drawer for the day I eat one biscuit too many,’ says Mary, 79. ‘My daughter Annabel bought them for me and they certainly do hold everything in, but it’s almost impossible to move.

‘I tried them on once, but I wasn’t convinced I would be able to sit while wearing them – or stand up afterwards! They are tucked away for an emergency that hopefully will never come.’

Luckily, Mary is very sensible about her diet and takes care not to overindulge while making cookery shows, particularly The Great British Bake Off.

‘It’s hard not to put on weight when I am filming Bake Off, but I am disciplined,’ she reveals. ‘I only eat one mouthful of any cake or bread and afterwards I have a very light lunch of soup.

‘I never overeat because if I did I wouldn’t be able to have a proper supper with [my husband] Paul in the evening, which is a highlight of my day.’

Mary isn’t the only member of The Great British Bake Off team to have concerns about putting on the pounds.

Last year, presenter Sue Perkins revealed that she gained a lot of weight when they filmed the show due to overindulging on set.

‘I put on about a stone and a half,’ said Sue, 45. ‘But the weird thing is, I have a kind of pigeon physique, so my legs are quite thin but I get this massive belly.

‘So I have a big muffin top, back, t*ts and belly. Urrgh, gross! Then afterwards it’s just the slow road to getting it off.’

Despite weight concerns, Sue loves hosting The Great British Bake Off with comedy partner Mel Giedroyc and the duo get on very well with Mary and fellow judge Paul Hollywood.

But the openly gay comic finds it funny when she’s linked to her heterosexual co-presenter Mel.

Mel is so straight, it’s hilarious,’ Sue has previously told The Sun. ‘I think people probably think I’m in love with her and she rejects me, because I’m always fawning over her.

‘But there is no sexual tension between us – we’re just friends.’

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