X Factor champ Matt Cardle insists he's never lied

X Factor champ Matt Cardle has denied allegations he invented a story about gaining 4 extra ‘brothers’ to win over the public.

During the live show on 6 November, the singer revealed his mum Jen cared for her best friend Sharon Floyd‘s 4 sons – Julian, Ben and twins Rob and Tom – after she died in a car crash.

But David Floyd – who is dad to three of the boys – has now claimed the story was exaggerated. 

‘It’s complete hokum,’ he told the Daily Mail. ‘Being their father, it was me who raised my own sons after their mother died.

Sharon would have been astounded at the very idea of the Cardles adopting our children. They were nice enough people but the idea that Matt Cardle and my sons are somehow foster brothers is absolutely laughable. They were school friends.’

Matt, 27, insists he’s told the truth throughout.

‘It’s made me and my family look like a bunch of liars – heartless people who would try to gain from the situation,’ he tells the News Of The World.

‘I’d never do anything like that. I feel so let down and the boys are upset. I consider them family. I talk about them as brothers as much as I talk about my blood brother Dom.

‘It’s absolute rubbish to say we were only school friends.

‘We consider each other brothers. We hang out all the time and they come to us every Boxing Day for a second Christmas.’

Julian, Ben,Rob and Tom have now released a statement.

‘We all consider Matt and Dom as brothers,’ it reads.

Matt‘s mum Jen and dad David took us under their wing after mum died and the truth is we are like family.’

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