Matt thinks a comedy parrot would complement his time-travelling character


New Doctor Who star Matt Smith has decided the Time Lord needs a new assistant – ideally, a bird.

The actor got his inspiration from a pirates sequence in the film Pink Panther starring Peter Sellers.

‘I think with this Doctor, you never know what he’s going to do or say,
or what he’s gong to turn up in in the morning,’ says Matt, 28.

‘I’d love to get some sort of pretend parrot on my shoulder because Peter Sellers is my hero. I’m working on it.’

Matt also fancies a bit of a costume change as he’ll be filming in Utah and Arizona next month in freezing temperatures.

‘I want a coat. You get cold in a tweed jacket.’ he tells The Sun. ‘And I want a hat. Not all the time. Just now and again.’

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Alanna Freeman