Bo Bruce and Danny O'Donoghue got very close in 2012

Bo Bruce was very close to mentor Danny O’Donoghue on The Voice last year but the 28-year-old actually reckons is actually the best coach on the show.

It’s hard to blame Bo for her dig at Danny, 32 – after all, he’s admitted to using his role on The Voice to eye up potential girlfriends.

‘I’m a ladies’ man,’ The Script frontman recently confessed.

‘There are a lot of pretty girls on the show. I’m telling them they’re gorgeous because I’m single and I’m looking.

‘I certainly wouldn’t rule out dating a fan or a contestant. Ever!’

Meanwhile, Bo‘s claimed she used her feelings for Danny as the basis for songs on her album.

On her debut single Save Me, released in April, she sang: ‘You made me want you and I didn’t want to. Why would you wake me if you’re not going to save me?’

The song sparked speculation that Danny had been the one to cool their relationship – but he’s since denied inspiring the lyrics.

Danny vs


Claim to fame: lead vocalist and songwriter for The Script

Years in the biz: 15.

Albums sold: 4 million. Awards: 1 World Music Award.

Tagline: ‘Genu-inely’.

Most memorable big-up: on ex-Hollyoaks star Alice Barlow: ‘She’s a lovely looking girl.’

Best quote: to Jessie J: ‘Never trust a girl who wears so much bling, but sings about not worrying about the price tag.’

Claim to fame: producer and Black Eyed Peas founder

Years in the biz: 21.

Albums sold: 32 million.

Awards: 7 Grammys, 8 American Music Awards, 1 Billboard Music Award, 1 Teen Choice Award, 2 MTV VMAs, 3 World Music Awards (all with the Black Eyed Peas)

Tagline: ‘That’s dope.’

Most memorable big-up: to his lookalike Matt Henry – ‘You look more like my brother than my brother.’

Best quote: ‘I don’t got tactics – I’ve got Tic Tacs cos I stay fresh. Holler.’

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