The Lady Mary actress has met some famous admirers

Michelle Dockery is always amazed to meet very high-profile Downton Abbey fans.

The actress – who plays Lady Mary Crawley in the hugely popular period drama – has rubbed shoulders with many famous viewers, including global superstar Beyoncé Knowles.

‘Laura Carmichael (who plays Lady Edith) and I were at the Met Ball last year and Beyoncé told us she was a fan of the show,’ says Michelle, 32.

‘That was an amazing and strange experience.

‘It’s overwhelming when people who you’ve watched and admired for years, and who you wouldn’t have ever dreamed of coming into contact with, come up to you to tell you how much they enjoy what you’re doing and how much they love Downton.

‘It’s quite a surreal thing, actually.’

Hands up who else would LOVE to see Mrs Jay-Z make a cameo?! All of you then…

Beyoncé is just one of the legions of celeb Downton Abbey addicts out there, as Michelle Dockery has discovered.

Some of the famous fans have even visited the set to watch scenes being filmed.

‘Edie Falco is one of my favourite actresses and I met her at the Emmys last year and I could barely speak,’ explains Michelle.

‘She said she loved Downton. American producer JJ Abrams came on set to see what goes on behind the scenes, as did Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis.

‘Sandra Bullock is apparently a big fan. It’s mad, really.’

As well as having lots of celebrity followers, Downton Abbey has become popular with TV fans all over the world.

Michelle Dockery enjoys visiting different places when she’s not playing Lady Mary and has encountered admirers of the show in various countries.

‘I love travelling,’ the actress tells Saturday Magazine.

‘I recently went to Sardinia, which was gorgeous, and last year I did a trip with Oxfam to Jordan.

‘It was an appeal to help Syrian refugees, which was an experience. It’s good to do other things.

‘I actually got recognised in Jordan as Downton is very popular over there. Other parts of the world are fascinated with traditional British culture.’

Watch Michelle in action as Lady Mary in the Downton Abbey Christmas special, showing on ITV at 9pm on Christmas Day.

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