Actress might consider following Mark Wright into the jungle

Michelle Keegan isn’t keen on doing any reality shows after she leaves Coronation Street.

The actress will bow out of the soap this year and, though she’s keeping an open mind, she can’t see herself on Strictly Come Dancing or I’m A Celebrity.

‘It’s nothing I would rule out, but the thought of both terrifies me,’ says Michelle, 26.

‘For one, with Strictly, I can’t dance, and also there’s the live audience.

‘It would be a great skill to come away with, and wearing the nice dresses would be great, but other than that, no!

‘Out of the two, I’d probably be more likely to do I’m A Celeb because, even though I’d hate it, there wouldn’t be a live audience.’

Michelle’s fiancé Mark 
Wright, 26, went into the jungle after leaving TOWIE in 2011 and reached the final but Michelle doesn’t think she’d cope so well.

‘I don’t mind rats, they’re cute little things, but I don’t like cockroaches and crickets jumping all over you,’ the pretty brunette says.

‘[The eating tasks would be] not good, not good. I think you’d just have to do it if you were starving, but I wouldn’t like it.’

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