Great show, bad mistake

Michelle Keegan has stunned fans and critics alike in BBC One drama Our Girl, but eagle-eyed viewers spotted a bit of a mistake in the acclaimed show.

While the acting and drama is top-notch, there was a bit of a continuity error last night with Michelle’s character, Georgie Lane.

Georgie was recovering on a beach after being kidnapped by Al-Shabaab militants in Kenya. The army medic decided to take a nap in the sun in an attempt to relax but after a nightmare, she wakes up.


The first issue is that her hair pre-sleep was tied on top of her head, but when she woke up it was hanging down by her shoulders. This can be sort-of explained that the nightmare was so intense that the hair came loose.



But post-nightmare she’d had a dramatic wardrobe change as well from a red top into a blue vest.

And viewers were quick to point out the error on Twitter.

One fan wrote: ‘Our girl messed up with their scene sequencing big time if you look at what Georgie is wearing.’

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Whereas another added: ‘Oh dear BBC, bit of continuity issue going on in #OurGirl tonight…. chopping and changing between outfits and hair dos!’

But even these nitpicks don’t detract from the overwhelming positive response to the show.

Well done guys!