He says all the right things on screen, but Jeremy Piven's ex reveals he's no charmer in real life

He’s been seducing us on screen as the delectable and respectable Mr Selfridge, owner of London’s greatest department store. But, according to his ex Sarah Tressler, in reality Jeremy Piven‘s far from a charmer.

‘There’s only one kind of shopping he’s interested in: shopping for girls – and lots of them,’ Sarah tells Now.
In a frank interview, arts-writer-turned dancer Sarah reveals how Jeremy seduced her when she interviewed him, kept her as his plaything in his New York apartment, but then shamelessly arranged for another woman to move in – right in front of her.

Sarah says: ‘Jeremy isn’t like the charming Mr Selfridge at all. He’s more like Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde.’

Sarah began dating Jeremy, 48, after she interviewed him at a Broadway play.

She says: ‘He started hitting on me within 60 seconds. He insisted on giving me a lift and he kept leaning in towards me. It was full-on but I was flattered as he was a big star.’

After exchanging numbers, he bombarded her with texts that evening until – drawn in by his fame on HBO‘s Entourage – she agreed to visit his pad in NYC’s trendy Tribeca district.
Sarah, 31, admits she was so starstruck that they slept together that first night. But it was then she realised he wasn’t quite as charming as his TV alter ego. She claims he even left the TV on mute during their first encounter.
‘He was pretty standard. It wasn’t very memorable,’ Sarah tells us. ‘He seemed to be a missionary position type of guy.’

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