This isn't even the most depressing news of the year...

Mrs Brown’s Boys has been voted Sitcom of the Century.

We know, have a quick sit down. Get someone to make you both a cup of tea and tell them the same thing: Mrs Brown’s Boys is Sitcom of the CENTURY in an online Radio Times poll.

Now that does mean of the past 16 years, not last one hundred years, so all you Del Boy fans can put down the pitchforks.

The show, created by Brendan O’Carroll, tells the tale of one man’s quest to dress as a woman in the age of Political Correctness and shout as loud as he can. While it’s easy to sneer at the canned laughter, drab set design and comedy straight from your weird uncle’s joke book, it’s a ratings smash.

The film, Mrs Brown's Boys D'Movie, topped the UK and Ireland Box Office for TWO WEEKS so nothing is surprising anymore

The film, Mrs Brown’s Boys D’Movie, topped the UK and Ireland Box Office for TWO WEEKS so nothing is surprising anymore


And Brendan believes this vote, along with the reliable ratings, means that viewers no longer need be ashamed of the terrible, terrible reviews it receives.

He said: ‘It vindicates the fans’ belief in the show. They have kept us on the air – it certainly wasn’t reviewers.

‘There is an audience out there that comedy forgot – that Are You Being Served? audience has been left behind. Us winning this award proves it.’

“Ratings” aren’t indicative of perceived quality let’s remember and this was a poll of 14,000, so we shouldn’t really get ahead of ourselves.

We shouldn’t but we are going to anyway. Because the Internet is NOT happy…

Some people tell jokes to ease the pain

The Mrs Brown’s Boys vote is reminding people of another high-profile vote


And for some there’s a profound feeling of disbelief

But remember the thousands of people who like it…