The programme that follows the traditions and rules of gypsies and travellers in Britain...

Their wedding dresses make Jordan’s pink bridal gown look tasteful, while the bridesmaids look more like they’re about to go clubbing than enter a church – welcome to the weird and strangely wonderful world of gypsy weddings.

Although they make look the vision of the 21st Century, the programme explores how gypsies and travellers’ beliefs are rooted in ancient traditions – where getting married at 16 is acceptable and filing for divorce is entirely unheard of.

After a one-off special looking at the lives of traveller communities in Britain last year, Channel 4 has returned for a whole series to explore their remarkable rituals and rite-of-passage celebrations.

The first episode – Born To Be Wed – begins with a look at the milestones in a traveller girl’s life, from her first Holy Communion to the strict rules of courtship, the hen night and the spectacular wedding ceremony.

Watch My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding on Channel 4 from 20 January at 9pm.

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