Michala Banas takes on Kym Valentine's role


Libby Kennedy is looking very different in Australian soap Neighbours.

Michala Banas has taken on Kym Valentine‘s part while she’s been recovering from pneumonia.

Michala was first seen on UK screens last week – with no explanation for the change in appearance.

‘I actually haven’t seen any of it,’ Kym tells The Courier Mail.

‘Not because of Michala, God bless her, but because the best way I can describe it is that it would be like me watching my boyfriend make out with another woman.

‘I’ve been Libby and Libby‘s been me for 14 years on and off. We’ve grown up together.’

is set to return to her role by emerging from a lake after Michala‘s Libby almost drowns.

‘I think it was so clever how they came up with that,’ says Kym. ‘Michala goes under the water and I pop out. It’s great. It’s classic soap.’

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