Soap's Carmella Cammeniti to leave for New York stage


Neighbours star Natalie Blair has revealed her frustration at the depressing storylines her character has endured.

The actress, who plays Carmella Cammeniti in the Australian show, is set to quit the soap after tiring of the emotionally demanding nature of her role.

‘My character has gone through so much,’ she tells Australian OK!. ‘She’s become a very tortured, depressive character and there was no light at the end of the tunnel.’

Carmella has been addicted to drugs and lost her boyfriend in a bush fire in recent months.

‘After a while I’d open my script and say: “Please give me one scene where I’m smiling.” And then I’d read the script and think: “Damn – no smiling scenes again.”‘

Natalie, who is due to film her final scenes next month, says she wants to work in musical theatre in New York.