Self-confessed babe lets Rodrigo Lopes make a mess of her face to find fame

Noirin Kelly was one of the first fame-hungry wannabes to be named an official Big Brother housemate last night alongside Rodrigo Lopes.

The Brazilian hunk was asked to shave the eyebrows off another would-be contestant and draw on glasses and a moustache with a black marker to gain access to the compound.

After a bit of confusion, Noirin, 25, put herself forward.

Rodrigo, 23, neglected to mention that she will now have to maintain her new look for the foreseeable future – and that the ink was permanent.

Still, he did the gallant thing and went for a drawn-on pair of specs and moustache himself, too. Twin souls.

The bedroom door was opened for the pair, but there are still 14 other hopefuls looking to enter the house who were left to sleep on the floor.

Viewers can vote for the remaining entrants on Sunday 7 June.



Christopher Attewell-Hughes