Nora Batty actress will be missed by co-stars


Last Of The Summer Wine star Kathy Staff has passed away at the age of 80.

The actress, who played Nora Batty in the BBC show, had been ill for some time.

‘We’re distraught, but we have very fond memories of her,’ says producer Alan Bell.

‘She was such a good lady, she was religious, she would never do anyone any harm.

‘But above all that, she was thoroughly professional.’

Co-star Peter Sallis, 87, who played Cleggy, also paid tribute to Kathy.

‘She dominated anything that she was in,’ he tells the BBC. ‘You could stop acting when she was there because she was going to do it all for you.

‘We don’t quite know for sure whether we’re going to do any more episodes, but if we do she’s going to be terribly missed.’

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