Gold medal winner can relax now Games are over

Victoria Pendleton has admitted that it would be easy for her to go wild now that the Olympic Games are over – but she’d rather indulge in more simple pursuits.

The cycling star, who is retiring from her sport after competing for 10 years and winning both a gold and silver medal in the London 2012 competition, is looking forward to relaxing.

I could go off the rails if I wanted,’ says Victoria, 31.

But I probably won’t want to. I’d really like to do a cake-decorating course, and a pattern making course with my mum.

Maybe I’ll get round to using my jam cauldron – a family heirloom I’ve only used a couple of times.’

Victoria, who is engaged to former cycling team coach Scott Gardner, is also considering some showbiz pursuits.

I would never say never to I’m A Celebrity or Strictly Come Dancing,’ the athlete tells The Sun.

I could give those a go. I used to pretend to be a TV presenter as I watered plants in our greenhouse when I was a child.

I always fancied doing something like Gladiators or Challenge Anneka. Running round in a jumpsuit, in and out of a helicopter doing challenges? Yes please!’

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