Things get nasty in the CBB house

Jasmine Lennard has continued to cause a stir in the Celebrity Big Brother house by calling fellow housemate Danica Thrall a ‘little prostitute’.

Danica appeared on C4 documentary show Sex, Lies & Rinsing Guys where she admitted ‘rinsing’ men online and allowing them to buy her gifts.

‘Guys have all kinds of fantasies and
things that they find a bit of a turn on. And I think one of them is
buying gifts for girls,’ she boasted.

Tensions between the two girls started on Friday during the face-to-face nominations where each selected the other.

Jasmine, 27, justified her nomination by telling Danica: ‘Because I don’t like escorts, I think you are a little prostitute.

‘It’s gross. Aren’t your parents ashamed of you?’

Danica, 24, protested that she isn’t ashamed of what she does but soon broke down in tears in the garden.

After being told by Coleen Nolan how much her comments had hurt, Jasmine responded, ‘I’ve got to be truthful. I really don’t care. She started the conversation with me. She didn’t need to do that.’

But the former Make Me A Supermodel star apologised after learning that Danica’s mum died when she was 14.

‘I want to say sorry to you, Danica, for real,’ Jasmine said.

‘I would never had said something like that if I had known that. I don’t judge you from a holier-than-thou position, I judge you from a position of someone who has been to really bad, dark places.

‘I thought about stripping and I shared those feelings with my mum and she’s the one who stopped me. I’m just sorry.’

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