Celebrities at the National Television Awards reveal their secret crushes

At the National Television Awards, we thought we’d be cheeky and ask the stars on the red carpet which celebrities really turn them on. 

‘Well, I would’ve said nobody until this week, but then I watched Leonardo DiCaprio in The Wolf Of Wall Street,’ HollyoaksJennifer Metcalfe, 30, told us.

‘I never liked him, like in Titanic he looked like a child and then I watched him this week and I’m like, “Mmm, okay!”‘

TOWIE‘s James Argent, 26, found the question tricky but then confessed to a crush on Mark Wright’s stunning fiancée.

‘Urm, I dunno. Michelle Keegan!’ James, 26, blurted out.

Watch out Mark – looks like you have a bit of competition on your hands. 

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Sasha Hilton