Emma Willis's pop star hubby Matt might have already hit the big time but she's certain which coach he'd select on The Voice

The Voice host Emma Willis can probably relate to many of the singers on the show, given that her husband Matt is a pop star ‘n all.

Even though Matt, 31, never had to audition for a talent show – having found fame with Busted in the early 2000s – Emma is pretty certain which coach her fella would pick if he appeared as a contestant on The Voice.

Matt would go with Will.i.am all day long,’ says Emma, 38. ‘Without a doubt. He just loves him.’

Whilst we’re kind of surprised by Matt‘s choice given the different music styles of his group McBusted and rap star Will, it sounds like Emma‘s man is a MASSIVE fan of the Black Eyed Peas frontman.

‘Whenever we watch the show, Matt will say, “Will‘s amazing! When am I going to meet him?”‘ reveals Emma. ‘And I’m like, “You’re not!”‘

As for Emma‘s favourite judge, she admits that she’s become very fond of new addition Rita Ora.

‘I love her,’ the presenter says. ‘She’s so cheeky but also really lovely.

‘She’s taken to the show brilliantly well. Rita is just very comfortable.’

It sounds like Rita – who joined Will, Tom Jones and Ricky Wilson on the panel following the exit of Kylie Minogue after the last series – has won over pretty much everybody on the programme.

‘Anyone who needs tips in wrapping people around their fingers should go see Rita Ora,’ Emma admits. ‘She’s very, very good.

‘They’re all eating out of the palm of her hand – which is brilliant.’

Ooh! As well as being besotted with Rita, Emma is clearly enjoying all aspects of working on The Voice and isn’t bothered about talk of ratings or rivalling other TV talent shows.

‘It’s always tricky with ratings, isn’t it? Because you can record everything now and watch it the next day or the week after,’ Emma tells Saturday Magazine.

‘Personally, and I probably shouldn’t say this, I don’t listen to ratings and after each show I don’t go, “How did we rate?”

‘You know it’s working, we’re still on air and it’s a brilliant show and for me that’s what counts.’

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Anna Francis