Music mogul Simon Cowell will make hopefuls cough up for damage

Excited X Factor contestants caused thousands of pounds worth of damage at Simon Cowell‘s luxury holiday villa over the weekend. 

The hopefuls raided the music mogul’s bar at the £15,000-a-night rented mansion in Marbella, Spain, after filming the judges’ houses stage of the ITV show.

They also soiled a £5,000 Persian rug and stained furniture after going for a swim in the sea and then going back to their rooms in wet clothes.

Returning from their marathon partying session in the early hours of Sunday morning, the contestants also managed to wake up Simon, 50. 

He was less than impressed with the group and plans to take his revenge.

‘Yes, they did wake me up,’ Simon tells the Daily Mail.

‘Any damage will have to be paid out of their first royalty cheque if they make it – to teach them a lesson.’

Simon will be mentoring the groups this year.

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