All Star Family Fortunes host Vernon Kay loves to treat his wife

After more than a decade of marriage, Vernon Kay still likes to pull out all the stops for Tess Daly.

The TV presenter – who has daughters Phoebe, 10, and Amber, five, with Strictly Come Dancing host Tess – thinks he’s quite a romantic, and loves to spoil his wife with cheeky treats every so often. Aww!

‘I can’t reveal the [romantic] things I’ve done as they’re personal,’ says Vernon, 40. ‘But they’ve been very special and gone down well.

‘I think it’s important to pluck at the heartstrings every now and again and spring something out of the blue, even if it’s just flowers. Or if you’re in that frame of mind, a bit of Victoria’s Secret.

Tess is so good to me, so she deserves it.’

Ooh-er, lucky Tess! Vernon also receives tokens of affection from Tess, 45, and he’s particularly fond of edible presents.

‘She will always treat me,’ says Vernon. ‘Like getting me a vanilla slice from my favourite bakers, I think that’s romantic. I never run out of things that I like.

‘She will always make sure I have exactly what I need.’

The couple clearly make time for each other and love nothing more than cosying up and having a chat in front of the box.

‘We just do what everyone else does,’ Vernon explains. ‘Watch TV, have a bottle of wine and put the world to rights.

Tess would probably complain there is too much sport on telly, but that’s standard. We make sure we talk. It’s mad these days, people are glued to their phones.’

And how does Vernon react if his wife pops up on screen?

‘When I see Tess on the telly looking stunning I think, “That woman is coming home to me,”‘ he tells Notebook. ‘I like that. That makes my heart beat faster.’


Vernon Kay presents All Star Family Fortunes on Sundays at 8.15pm on ITV.

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