Housemate Louise Cliffe joins Mark Henderson and Rebeckah Vaughan under the duvet

Pamela Anderson greeted the 2011 Big Brother housemates on Friday night and the new contestants were thrilled to meet the Baywatch icon.

Sexy Pammie, 44, had to break the bad news she was staying just ‘for a little bit’.

She is leaving tonight – and has picked 3 golden housemates, who believe they’ll now be immune from eviction next week.

But Heaven, Aden and Maisy are in for a shock. A 4th contestant will also get chosen and will have to strip one of the others of their title.

Mark Henderson asked Pammie to sleep with him and when she refused, he got into bed with Louise Cliffe, Rebeckah Vaughan and his teddy bear.

Former Miss Manchester Louise, who lost her title when organisers found she posed for a saucy photo shoot, insists she’s keeping her clothes on in the show.

‘I did some topless stuff and I know those pictures are going to come out,’ she admits.

‘I’m not scared but it’s not me anymore.

‘I don’t want people to think I’m a glamour model because I’m not.

‘That’s my past.’

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