British socialite lined up for US show

Peaches Geldof is being lined up to star in hit US show Ugly Betty.

The 19-year-old socialite caught the attention of producers after they saw her stint on magazine show Nylon TV.

‘They were looking for someone to play a vacuous Trust Fund brat when they stumbled across Peaches on Nylon TV,’ a source tells The Daily Star.

‘She was sending herself up a treat. It was clear she is aware of how the public perceive her and how she really is.

Peaches has a precocious wit. It’s important to get guests on the show who are in on the joke and the Brits seem to do this best.’

Victoria Beckham, 34, made a popular cameo in the show and Lindsay Lohan, 22, was in several episodes this season after her first outing proved to be a hit.


Holly Arnold