Reality TV star says he and wife Jordan should remember the cameras are watching their every move


Peter Andre admits that things can get a bit strained when you’re living with TV cameras 24 hours a day.

The singer and his wife Jordan, 30, are currently filming Katie & Peter: The Next Chapter.

‘I should have cringed at the reality show but in general I don’t.
Katie and I shouldn’t be so rude sometimes… but that’s part of our lives,’ he says.

This is the sixth series of Jordan – real name Katie Price – and 35-year-old Peter’s reality TV show.

‘If someone’s going to put a camera on you for 24 hours, they’re gonna get you being moody, they’re gonna get you being happy, they’re gonna get quite a few emotions,’ he says. ‘And one of them is horny.’

‘Though when you’re married it’s not every day you get horny, is it?’ he tells The Guardian.

Katie & Peter: The Next Chapter is on Thursdays on ITV2.

Isobel Smith