Presenters have a close bond

Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby are always looking out for each other.

The presenters – who have fronted This Morning together since 2009 – have an understanding that one of them is allowed to feel less than perky as the other can cover.

One of us always has to fly the show,’ says Phillip, 51.

We compare it to driving a car; so long as someone’s driving, the other can be looking out of the window.

Then you swap over. Of course, occasionally the wheels come off.’

The rule meant that Holly, 32, was able to get rather merry celebrating the programme’s success at the 2012 National Television Awards.

The first NTAs I attended for This Morning I was pregnant, so I couldn’t drink,’ the mum-of-two tells TV Magazine.

The next year when we won I was celebrating for that time and the one before.

They [the viewers] voted for us, [so] I had all their drinks and then I had all their hangovers as well!’

‘I rely on [Phillip] for an awful lot.

I know if he wasn’t there I wouldn’t enjoy it as much. And I definitely wouldn’t feel as confident as I do.’

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