Britain's Got Talent judge admits to experimenting with narcotics


Piers Morgan lived a rather hedonistic lifestyle when he was a young showbiz reporter.

The journalist-turned-TV-judge has revealed that it was easy to get high – even at work.

‘I’ve taken drugs before, it’s no big secret,’ he says. ‘I’m not going to go into the precise detail, but I’ve told my kids I’ve taken them.’

Piers, 43 – dad to Spencer, 15, Stanley, 11, and Bertie, 7 – lost a privacy case against Naomi Campbell when he was editor of The Daily Mirror.

The newspaper ran an article about the supermodel attending Narcotics Anonymous and Piers knew he would be quizzed about his own recreational habits in court.

He decided to confess to his family first.

‘I said to my parents and kids, “Look, I took drugs in the past when I was a young thrusting journalist and it seemed as freely available in newsrooms as a cup of tea”,’ he tells Weekend magazine.

‘I’m not proud of it, I don’t any more and I haven’t for a long time. I worked out that they make you feel c**p.’

Piers is currently recording a new series of America’s Got Talent.