Britain's Got Talent judge says the presenter is past it


Piers Morgan has hit back at Jonathan Ross after the presenter claimed he wasn’t qualified to judge on Britain’s Got Talent.
Jonathan, 47, spoke out on The Charlotte Church Show last month.

Piers has responded by vowing to let viewers decide who’s best.
‘Early next year our chat shows will compete for ratings. And the sad truth is that I think Wossy’s had his day,’ he tells the Daily Star.
‘He looks bored, has grown insufferably smug and when 4 Poofs And A Piano get bigger laughs than you, it’s over.’
The former Daily Mirror, 43, insists his show will trounce Friday Night With Jonathan Ross.
‘In contrast to his sycophantic, smarmy, simpering and increasingly lecherous interviewing technique, I intend to actually ask some proper journalistic questions,’ he says.
‘I wouldn’t have had a public spat. But since he’s started one, and clearly intends to continue one, I’m forced to defend myself.’