Louie Spence takes a bow at the Pineapple Dance Studios finale


If you want fame, Pineapple Dance Studios is where you start paying!

Thanks to Sky1/HD‘s surprise hit docudrama, the fabulous Louie Spence has become our favourite overnight star.

To celebrate the final episode on Sunday 9 May, Now joined Pineapple at the all-singing, all-dancing extravaganza at the O2.

‘What a triumph, bring on the fanfare! God knows I deserve it,’ quips Louie.

‘The first time I got to see the set, there were mirror balls the size of small galaxies swinging from the ceiling – I haven’t seen balls that big swinging from the ceiling in a long time.

‘Straight away, I knew I was going to be fabulous! Big balls + me = a show made in heaven.

‘I’m not naming names but Emma Bunton, Antony Cotton and Jason Gardiner were there, to name but a few.

‘Everyone was fabulous and truly pulled it out of the bag. I can’t remember a thing, but I was told that, yes, I was genius, and the show was a huge success.’

The finale of Pineapple Dance Studios is on Sky1/HD at 6pm on 9 May. For more 
info on Pineapple Dance Studios, call 020-7836 4004 or visit pineapple.uk.com.

See the full interview with Louie Spence in Now magazine dated 10 May 2010 – out now!