After Sunday night's explosive final episode, we investigate what series two could have on the agenda for Poldark fans

Wow – wasn’t Sunday nights Poldark a roller coaster ride? The death, the wreckage, the fever, the arrest, the unlikely declaration of love…there was A LOT crammed into that hour long episode.

But thankfully, Poldark has been commissioned for another series, so Aidan Turner will be back. Phew!

But what will be in store? Will Ross rot away in prison? Probably not, that’d be a very boring series, wouldn’t it?

So, being the impatient little mites we are, we did a little investigating to see what could happen in series two.

As you may know, the BBC series is based on the series of Poldark books written by Winston Graham, so while we’d love to write Ross’ future, it’s already been done.

So, if the BBC producers stick to what Mr Graham penned, here’s four things that could be in store…


1. Francis dies

You might not be big fans, we’re not. This man has anger issues and is sometimes just plain mean. But if we stick to the book, we’re not going to have to endure him much longer. He drowns himself.

2. Elizabeth marries George Warleggan

Were you as taken back as we were on Sunday night when George actually showed a softer side? We were. It turns out this romance blossoms into marriage. Yes, really! We’re not to sure how happy Ross’ll be about that!

3. Ross and Demelza have affairs

We’ve already seen cracks in Ross and Demelza’s marriage and it turns out this gets worse. We’ll leave who they have affairs with as a little surprise for you.

4. Ross rapes Elizabeth

We’ve suspected that Ross has a darker side and when he realises that Elizabeth is slipping away further when she decides to marry George, he is overcome with a fit of anger and takes things too far!

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Lydia Southern