The TV chef panics when he realises the dangerous theft

Gordon Ramsay goes inside Brixton prison in new TV series Gordon Behind Bars and soon realises he has to watch every single kitchen ingredient as well as the utensils.

In the show, Gordon, 45, teaches inmates to cook and is left shocked when he realises not only onions, chilli and garlic have gone missing, but – frighteningly – a knife.

‘This makes me feel stupid.  That gets me into serious sh*t and you’re letting me down,’ Gordon tells the inmates.

‘We cannot steal from the kitchen. We stop this now.’

The foul-mouthed chef is determined to help prisoners create delicious meals and set up a business behind bars.

‘My plan’s pretty straightforward. It’s about getting them off their arses and working,’ he tells the Daily Star.

‘Learning to become a good cook takes time.  If there’s one thing these f*ckers have got on their side, it’s time.

‘Why the hell should they be sat in a cell doing jack sh*t?’

See Gordon Ramsay in Gordon Behind Bars on Channel 4, Tuesday 9pm.

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Jessica Weston