After months of clues, twists and shocking revelations, Lucy Beale's murderer has finally been uncovered!

It’s been the question on everybody’s lips for weeks – who killed Lucy Beale?! And now we FINALLY know – it was BOBBY Beale!

The biggest EastEnders whodunnit in years came to an explosive – and unexpected – end tonight when we learned that little Bobby was the one who murdered Lucy back in April last year.

There was a HUGE twist in store in tonight’s dramatic two-parter. Ian thought he’d figured it all out in the first episode and appeared to accuse Jane of killing his daughter.

It all became clear in the flashback footage though. Lucy had a terrible night full of mishaps and fallings out, and eventually ended up wandering in the Square. Luckily when she ran into Jane the caring Mrs Beale made it clear to her that she’d always be there if needed. 

Later on Jane received a call and raced round to the Beales‘ house only to find Lucy on the floor and BOBBY stood at the scene, saying that Lucy had made everyone unhappy and that she started it. OH. MY. GOD!

We really did NOT see this coming! For months viewers have been trying to figure out who the culprit was, with several suspects in the frame. Max Branning and Whitney Dean were amongst those who could have done it, and even Lucy‘s own family – including dad Ian and brother Peter – weren’t free of suspicion.

It’s been a tough old case to crack for even the most die-hard of EastEnders fans as Lucy upset quite a few Albert Square residents before meeting her untimely end. Her affair with Max Branning not only put the businessman in the frame but also gave his daughters Lauren and Abi a possible motive.

Her romantic history additionally pointed the finger at Lee Carter, who she had a fling with before he found out about her liaison with Max. Then there were her strained family relationships – rows with Ian and possible jealousy from her siblings Peter and Cindy caused us to wonder if the killer was close to home.

Even the actors themselves didn’t know who the murderer was! All week the soap has featured exciting live segments to celebrate its 30th anniversary and the cast were only told the killer’s identity when they arrived to rehearse tonight’s show on Thursday morning. Blimey!

The murder case has slowly unravelled during each episode, giving us more and more clues as to who might be responsible, and we’ve been totally gripped.

Now we can’t wait to see the aftermath of the bombshell unfold in a COMPLETELY live hour-long episode on Friday night.

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