Presenters say they'll leave if programme doesn't gain viewers

Richard Madeley has admitted that he and wife Judy Finnegan are considering ditching their new chat show.

The presenting couple were recently paid £1 million each to move to new digital channel Watch with their programme Richard And Judy’s New Position.

But it’s failed to attract the high viewing figures they hoped for and has been panned by critics.

‘The series is planned till Christmas 2009 and if it doesn’t work, it’s not the end of the world,’ Richard tells Absolute Radio.

‘When you go to a new channel, let alone a new programme on an existing channel, of course the ratings are going to be incredibly low compared to before.

‘They just die.’

Richard and Judy, who pulled in over 3 million viewers an episode on their Channel 4 show, have had figures as low as 12,000 on Watch.

Holly Arnold

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