Kaiser Chiefs singer has found show moving

Ricky Wilson had to change his indecisive nature when he was offered a job on The Voice.

The Kaiser Chiefs frontman was surprised to be approached at the last minute but decided to go headfirst into the experience.

‘It happened pretty late in the day, as it was only a few weeks before we went to film,’ says Ricky, 36.

‘But I threw myself into it all. I have spent the last 10 years of my life not making any decisions at all.

‘And then suddenly this thing came along and it felt like a big decision. I am really enjoying it.’

Ricky’s shocked by just how involved he’s become and how touched he’s been by the contestants.

‘[I’m surprised] how emotionally attached you get to the people,’ the singer tells TV Extra.

‘I thought it was just TV. But it’s real. You do care about them, you care about everybody else’s team and you care about all the coaches.

‘I will look back on it and think it has been crazy and surreal. But that’s what life is about.

‘Everything has to change. I don’t like staying still.’

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