Voice coach Ricky Wilson has had a hunk-over


What goes on tour stays on tour – and that’s where Ricky Wilson appears to have left his waistline!

The Voice coach is completely unrecognisable from his sweatier Kaiser Chiefs days, with his surprisingly chiselled jaw and Gary Barlow-esque stubble.

Now can reveal a lot of it’s down to Ricky, 36, trading in his rock star diet of beer and junk food for sushi and Jamie Oliver recipes.

Since last year he’s been reTweeting his fave healthy recipes from the chef on his Twitter feed.

But it’s his booze ban that’s really cut the calories.

I still drink beer, but I appreciate it a lot more,’ says Ricky.

I used to drink loads and I wasn’t as happy as I am now. I used to just get stuck into junk food on tour.’

Of course, Ricky‘s weight battle has taken a tad more blood, sweat and tears and he’s now running up to 10 miles a day

It also looks like he’s had his teeth whitened and his blond lashes are noticeably darker on screen.

A little help from the mascara wand, perhaps?

But sorry, ladies – Ricky‘s already taken.

He’s been with girlfriend Lesley Williams for five years.


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