Safe to say: don't try this at home

Accidents happen all the time in kitchens – and when handling sharp knives for a chopping challenge, you’d think that might increase the chance for disaster.

Ruth Langsford‘s not one to shy away from danger however, which is why she took on hubby Eamonn Holmes in a chopping challenge on This Morning. Yet things soon turned bloody when the presenter sliced her own finger, resulting in spilled blood everywhere!

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Ruth and Eamonn welcomed notoriously hot-headed chef Gordon Ramsay to the studio on Tuesday, to film the risky segment ahead of time – most likely in case of injury.

And in scenes shown on Wednesday’s edition of the daytime TV favourite, Ruth and Eamonn can be seen going head to head – but not before Ruth expresses her worry about the safety.

‘Blimey these knives are sharp!

‘It’s very sharp this knife. I’m not racing you Eamonn as we’ll chop our fingers off!’


Nevertheless, the race went ahead and approaching the end of the race, Ruth suddenly shouted: ‘Ow, my finger!’ before wrapping a cloth around her wound.

Ouch! (Photo: ITV)

And according to Gordon, she bled so much that she ‘turned the yellow peppers into red!’

She managed to keep a brave face at the time, but on Wednesday’s show, Eamonn opened up about the extent of Ruth’s injury, revealing that

‘Then she was rushed off the set and a first aider come on and she haemorrhaged,” he told viewers.

Showing the camera her cut finger, Ruth added: ‘It doesn’t look very much, but it was so deep, I couldn’t stop it bleeding, I had to get the medic, it was all very serious.’

Ruth Langsford’s cut finger (Photo: ITV)

Blimey – perhaps the show will keep races with sharp objects to a minimum from now on!