Seriously... what happened!

Ryan Ruckledge and Hughie Maughan‘s revolting scenes on Big Brother last night may go down as the most disgusting moment in the show’s history.

Sure they aren’t the first to have sex on TV and talk about it in excruciating detail, but Ryan is probably the first to throw up into his own hands and then SNOG Hughie.

We’re the opposite of prudes over here at Now, but that is the opposite of okay.

The X Factor reject downed cocktails in the kitchen with Sam, Alex, and the guy he fancies, Hughie, and eventually is given a mixture of drinks even the bravest of students would shrug away from.


Hughie told him: ‘Ryan be a legend and take it.’

Sam helpfully added: ‘Ryan stop being such a sell out.’

Ryan Ruckledge

Oh no… [Channel 5]

Ryan Ruckledge

Oh please no don’t do that –  [Channel 5]

Ryan Ruckledge

Oh Ryan the toilet the garden anywhere but here [Channel 5]

Ryan Ruckledge


But it proved too much for him, and he ended up vomiting into his hands and all over he living room floor. Nice.

When Ryan Ruckledge apologised in the Diary Room, he told Big Brother that he has a ‘weak stomach.’

Big Brother told him to act his age.

But viewers were most disgusted by the Blackpool boy running straight into the arms of Hughie to give him a kiss. SERIOUSLY GUYS. BRUSH YOUR TEETH.

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It didn’t end there: the pair ended up in bed together and he STILL hasn’t brushed his teeth. The show ended with Ryan saying: ‘Hughie you are evil. You got it all over me.’

That’s it, we’re joining a convent.