The X Factor's entertainer says being on the show has opened doors for him

The X Factor‘s Rylan Clark says he considers himself the real winner of the show.

The Essex boy, 24, sparked controversy on the show with his cheesy disco numbers and glow-in-the-dark tan. 

Now, fresh from a presenter stint standing in for Richard Arnold on DaybreakRylan‘s been linked to the next Celebrity Big Brother and has a mobile full of famous numbers.

‘Me and Nicole are going to be friends for a very, very long time, I’m absolutely certain,’ he tells The Metro of his mentor on The X Factor Nicole Scherzinger.

‘I’ve got Robbie, Kylie, Geri Halliwell, Emma Bunton, I’ve got Dawn Porter, it’s f*cking ridiculous.

‘I’m just hoping to God that once everything’s sorted out and we get Christmas out the way, next year, it looks like I’ve got a busy year.

‘If it all ends, it all ends. At least I’ve got the best memories.’

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