The former popstar has had a tough time

Since the cameras in the Celebrity Big Brother house are rolling non-stop, 24hrs a day, there’s understandably a lot that gets missed out when the hour-long instalment is aired each night.

However, we may have all missed a massive moment in the house from the this week – as Eighties pop icon Sam Fox suffered an unaired panic attack so intense that it reportedly led to her needing a medical assessment.

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Thursday night’s edition of the Channel 5 staple showed Sam, 50, becoming overwhelmed as her mother briefly entered the house as part of a shopping task. Yet things weren’t as rosy earlier in the week, as she suffered a panic attack that producers deemed ‘too distressing’ to include in the show.

Sam Fox and her mum

Sam Fox and her mum

‘Sam was not well at all. She was called to the diary room because they were concerned about her health,’ a source told Daily Star.

‘She had a full-blown panic attack. It got pretty serious and they were genuinely concerned.

According to the insider, the former glamour model also had to receive treatment and assessment from medical professionals to ensure her safety: ‘Medics were sent in to make sure she was OK and not at serious risk.

‘They even had to give her medication to help her calm down.’

Sam Fox in the Diary Room

Sam Fox in the Diary Room

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In the many years the show has aired, many participants have found the closed atmosphere and the close proximity to large personalities difficult to handle. Unfortunately for Sam, she seems to have taken much of the house’s dramas to heart, most notably breaking down into tears over Chloe Khan‘s topless pole dancing.

Though awarding Sam’s distress a degree of privacy is quite understandable, this is not the first time that CBB has flagged to have hidden something major from the narrative of the show. Ejected housemate Christopher Biggins made an inappropriate ‘Holocaust joke’ to Jewish housemate Katie Waissel, which wasn’t aired.