Couple make love once a week

David Arquette and his wife Courteney Cox plan when they’ll have sex because they’re so busy.

The couple like to make love on a weekly basis.

When you get married, you just don’t have sex as much as some people running around,’ says David, 38.

‘You’ve got to start scheduling it. We schedule it. It’s, like, once a week. If it doesn’t happen, Daddy gets upset. Daddy just gets frustrated.’

David admits Friends star Courteney, 45, made him wait for nookie on New Year’s Day.

I shower, I get all groomed – fragrances, powder, I shave things – I’m like Ryan Seacrest. I’m just ready, smelling good,’ he said on Jimmy Kimmel Live!

I’m sitting there and I’m waiting, and now it’s like an hour and a half past her workout.

I go downstairs and she’s in the gym talking to her friend. She looks at me and I’m like, “You cannot be serious”.

I go back upstairs and another 40 minutes passes…Then I just sat down, depressed, on the stairs. She finally comes around the corner and says, “Come on”.’

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